The Annointing of Jehu

A special task from God was given to a young man resulting in a crazy driver killing two kings and bringing about the death of a queen. Pastor Chuck Smith explains these things in today's study in "The Word for Today".

Direction Prayers

Have you ever experienced or given "direction prayers"? What do you do when you can't figure out how God will do something He says He will do? Pastor Chuck Smith shares about God in this episode of "The Word for Today".

Elisha and Naaman

Leprosy and greed, healing and being stricken are part of today's study in 2 Kings. Pastor Chuck Smith shares of 3 servants and the outcomes in "The Word for Today".

Wasted Efforts

What did Elisha the new prophet, the one who replaced Elijah, do that established God's hand was on him? Pastor Chuck Smith proceeds in the study of 2 Kings in today's edition of "The Word for Today".

The Departure of Elijah

If what to Bible says is true, that it is appointed unto man once to die, what about Elijah? The Bible says he was taken up into glory in a fiery chariot. What about miracles? Pastor Chuck Smith continues the study of 2 Kings in today's edition of "The Word for Today".

Spiritual Apostacy

When people forsake God, it is amazing how wacky they get with what they worship. What happened when a king was injured and wanted to know his future? What happened to Elijah? Pastor Chuck Smith begins the study of 2 Kings in this edition of "The Word for Today".

Naboth's Vineyard

Have you ever thought you were pretty smart? Even smarter than God? If you think God doesn't know all and see all, you need to hear this episode of "The Word for Today" with Chuck Smith.

A Still Small Voice

Have you ever realized God directing things and thoughts in your life? Sometimes, it is only when you stop and look back. In this edition of "The Word for Today", Pastor Chuck Smith addresses how to hear God's voice in our busy times.

Elijah and the Prophets of Baal

What happens when you pour barrels of water on something you are about to put on fire? That depends if you are Elijah in front of a nation who strayed away from God. In today's episode of "The Word for Today", Pastor Chuck Smith explains how God miraculously answered Elijah's prayer.

The Vertical Access

How is it that Elijah would dare tell a poor widow lady who only had enough food for one more meal that she should feed him and not her and her son? Pastor Chuck Smith shares the answer in today's edition of "The Word for Today".

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