The Purposes of God in Marriage

"I don't think I ever really loved you!" Have you ever heard that or said that? What was/is God's purpose in Marriage?

The Freedom of Choice

Do you enjoy having the opportunity to make a choice? Where did it originate to be able to have a freedom of choice?

The Mist that Watered the Earth

How did the ground get watered after it was created?

The Seventh Day of Creation

Why would an omnipotent God "rest" on the 7th day?

The Trinitarian Nature of God

Who was God talking to when He said "Let us . . ."?

The Fifth Day of Creation

What did God create on the 5th day of creation?

The Third Day of Creation

What was created on the 3rd day of creation?

The Gap Theory

What is the "Gap theory"How plausible is the "Gap theory"?

Theistic Evolution

Did God merely begin everything, and then set it free to evolve? Was the earth created over 6 days or 6 periods of geological eras?

The Book of the Beginnings

How did it all start? How did man get here? What is the origin of mankind? Does the Bible share all the genealogies of people? Does evolution or creation better explain how it happened? Listen to today's edition of "The Word for Today" by Chuck Smith to learn the answers.

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