The Gap Theory

What is the "Gap theory"How plausible is the "Gap theory"?

Theistic Evolution

Did God merely begin everything, and then set it free to evolve? Was the earth created over 6 days or 6 periods of geological eras?

The Book of the Beginnings

How did it all start? How did man get here? What is the origin of mankind? Does the Bible share all the genealogies of people? Does evolution or creation better explain how it happened? Listen to today's edition of "The Word for Today" by Chuck Smith to learn the answers.

The Tree of Life

What an interesting tree! Have you heard of the "Tree of Life"? It keeps having different fruit as opposed to more of the same fruit. There are other oddities about it and incredible things about it. Learn more from listening to this edition of "The Word for Today".

A New Heaven and A New Earth

How could it be that God violated a rule of electronics? What will the new Heaven and the new Earth be like? Let the late pastor, Chuck Smith, share the answers in this episode of "The Word for Today".

The Key to the Bottomless Pit

If it is confusing to you in regards to "the bottomless pit", and a 1,000 years, listen to this edition of "The Word for Today", and hear the late pastor, Chuck Smith, clearly teach what the Bible says about it.

The Marriage Supper of the Lamb

The universal church is the bride, Jesus is the groom, but when's the wedding? The late pastor, Chuck Smith, teaches on this in today's edition of "The Word for Today".

The Righteous Judgment of God

"The judgments of God are not fair!" Have you ever heard (or said) those words? So, why did the late pastor, Chuck Smith declare that the judgments of God were, are and ALWAYS will be fair? Listen to the answer in this edition of "The Word for Today".

The Spirit of the Anti-Christ

Does it frighten you that some of the prophecies concerning the end times seem to be visible today? Let this edition of "The Word for Today" with Chuck Smith help you see the reality.

The Woman and the Beast

Worship takes place in most churches, but who or what is really being worshiped? Are you aware of many similarities between ancient worship of a false god to what takes place today? Learn more in this edition of "The Word for Today" with the late Chuck Smith.

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