A New Creation

In what way or ways is a new Christian a new creation?

The Fear of the Lord

What does it mean to have a "Fear of the Lord"? Pastor Chuck's teaching may well surprise you.

Those Asleep in Christ

What will the Christians who have passed away be doing?

A Correct Understanding of Death

Many odd statements are made by people in regards to the death of someone, mostly due to misunderstanding what death is for the Christian. What is the correct understanding?

Earthen Vessels

How do our "Jars of Clay" affect our presentation of the Gospel?

Blinded By Satan

Why are some people considered "lost"? What is the process for their no longer being "lost"? What does Satan have to do with "unsaved" people?

Changed by the Spirit

Where do you turn when you need help? Where should you turn when you need help?

The Blindness of Israel

Why is there a veil of blindness over Israel?

Detractors to Paul's Ministry

How is the Body of Christ expanded? How should detractors to the gospel be handled?

Paul's Anguish of Heart

Pastor Chuck says he thinks we often misunderstand God. What examples does he refer to from Bible? How well do we recognize the spiritual battles that take place?

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