Surrendering to the Will of God

Have you ever wondered why anyone would want to surrender to the Will of God? Believe it or not, the real wonder is why anyone wouldn't. Listen in to find out why.

Dead in Trespases and Sins

"Hath He Quickened" is not a phrase we use these days, so what does it mean?

God's Seal of Ownership

Which is the more important question: Who are you or Whose are you?

Holy and Without Blame

With all the things I have done, how in the world can God see me as faultless?

What God Has Done for You

Salvation is important! So is spiritual growth! Part of spiritual growth is learning what God has done for you, such as ...

The Calling of God

Not everyone is called to be a pastor, but do you know what God has called you to do and be? How do you discern your calling?

Ye Who Are Spiritual

When a Christian sins, what is God's desire? When should restoration be sought?

The Flesh and the Spirit

Can I serve the Spirit while I am dominated by the flesh?

The Complete Price for Redemption

Why would people persecute Paul? How does someone get forgiveness for their sins?

Righteousness Through Faith

How can I be declared righteous before God? Can I do it myself, keeping the laws and doing enough good deeds?

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