God's Vengence

Even a shallow understanding of God's vengence which is in store for those who reject His Son, Jesus, should cause one to desire to be in right relationship to God.

An Introduction to 2 Thessalonians

Paul wanted to commend these saints at Thessalonica for two major reasons. Pastor Chuck shares what those two highly desirable characteristics were in today's episode. "Persecution never hurt the church."

Not Appointed to Wrath

His wrath! Whose wrath? Who will experience it? How can one avoid experiencing it? Why would anyone want to experience it?

Comforting Words

What happens to the Christians who have died? What happens when Jesus returns to earth? What is the rapture?

Called Unto Holiness

If you despise a holy life, who are you really despising: man or God?

Problems in Thessalonica

Troubles arose while Paul was ministering. How did God use this?

A Beautiful Exhortation by Paul

Persecution of new Christians has happened over 2000 years and happens even today. What should we do?

Serving the Living and True God

What is idol worship? How can it take place without the worshiper realize it?

The Work of Faith

Faith. Hope. Love. How and why does Paul constantly relate these three words?

An Introduction to 1 Thessalonians

How did it come about that Paul ever went to Thessalonica? How did he teach so much is such a short time?

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