The Complete Price for Redemption

Why would people persecute Paul? How does someone get forgiveness for their sins?

Righteousness Through Faith

How can I be declared righteous before God? Can I do it myself, keeping the laws and doing enough good deeds?

Paul's Weakness in the Flesh

What was Paul's ongoing physical ailment?

Heirs of God

What does it mean to be an heir? What does it mean to be an heir of God?

The Children of Abraham

Who is really being referred to with the phrase "The Children of Abraham"?

Paul's Rebuke of the Galatians

What happens when we start living by asking ourselves if this is pleasing to God?

False Teachers and the Law

Even as today, false teachers abounded in the 1st century church. How can they be detected?

The Vacillation of Peter

How is it that Peter is used of God before God has completed Peter's spiritual education?

The Hierarchy of the Church

Why is it so hard to avoid pedestals while espousing servant-hood?

Taught by Direct Revelation

Where and how did Paul gain his spiritual knowledge?

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