Changed by the Spirit

Where do you turn when you need help? Where should you turn when you need help?

The Blindness of Israel

Why is there a veil of blindness over Israel?

Detractors to Paul's Ministry

How is the Body of Christ expanded? How should detractors to the gospel be handled?

Paul's Anguish of Heart

Pastor Chuck says he thinks we often misunderstand God. What examples does he refer to from Bible? How well do we recognize the spiritual battles that take place?

Victory Through Defeat

Why does God allow problems and even defeats into our lives? Does God love us? Does God care?

Trouble in Ephesus

Why would Paul tell the Corinthians about the troubles he experienced in Ephesus?

The Condition of Corinth

"Party on!" could be included in the description of the Corinthian church. What else could be said of them? How much is today's church like the Corinthian church?

A New Body

What will our bodies be like in heaven?

The Reality of the Resurrection

Why bother living the Christian life if the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the tomb did not happen? Did it happen?

Christ the First Fruits

What will be the order of events in the end times?

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