Jesus Teaching in the Synagogue

Jesus Teaching in the Synagogue

The Temptation of Jesus

When was the earth forfeited over to Satan?

The Genealogy of Jesus

If Joseph wasn't the true father of Jesus, what good is it to have his genealogy in the Bible? Pastor Chuck answers this and other questions in today's episode.

John Preaching a Social Gospel

Since John the Baptist was not the Messiah, who was he and what was his purpose?

Simeon and the Lords Messiah

What does an old man have to do with the Christ Child?

The Decree from Caesar Augustus

Children in the Womb

What really determines what is socially acceptable? What does Pastor Chuck say is the determining factor?

The Angel Gabriel Sent Unto Mary

What is the difference between "Engaged", "Espoused" and "Married"? Pastor Chuck explains the differences on today's study.

The Angel and Zacharias

Have you ever experienced something that left you speechless? Pastor Chuck explains just such an event in today's study.

Luke, the Beloved Physician

What do we know about the human author of the Gospel of Luke?

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