The Crucified Life

How can we hold on to the flesh and still live the crucified life? Pastor Chuck Smith shares his thoughts on this from Philippians chapter 3 in today's episode. When God apprehended you, He had a ...

Righteousness Through Faith

Can I do enough good works to get to heaven? Can anyone? How can we go to heaven when we die?

Rejoice in the Lord

What could it mean, what does it mean to rejoice in the Lord no matter the circumstance? What does Paul warn the believers to watch out for?

Every Tongue Shall Confess

Believe it or not, everyone will confess that Jesus is Lord! What does that really mean for you? Pastor Chuck Smith shares what it will mean. Are we to work for or work out our salvation?

A Consulation of Christ

How should a Christian view others? What about other Christians, how should they treat one another? How does motivation factor into God's perspective of what you accomplish? What is the mental attitude towards myself and even towards others?

The Price of Leadership

What will happen when you step out to serve God? Pastor Chuck Smith gives some insight as to what one should expect when one is serving God. What place does jealousy have in a believer's life?

Joyful Requests

Paul keeps the church mindful that God completes what God starts. Pastor Chuck draws out riches from Paul the prisoner to encourage the believers with this and more from Chapter 1.

An Introduction to Philippians

When did Paul write the book of Philippians? What were his circumstances to write such an encouraging book of joy?

Servants of Christ

Are you raising a family? Do it unto the Lord. Are you employed? Work as unto the Lord. Are you an employer? Do it as unto the Lord. How? Pastor Chuck share how. How should a Christian engage in Spiritual warfare?

Husbands Love Your Wives

What is the best way to be a spouse? What way should they be treated? How does one learn to respond and not react to their spouse?

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