Paul Before the Council

What is scourging? How well would you hold up if it were used on you? Come to think of it, how well would you hold up to any form of torture for being a Christian?

Receiving Visions

Does God speak through dreams today? Does God speak through trances or visions today? How does He speak to us?

The Leading of God in our Lives

How does God lead his followers today? Is it by a pillar of fire? Does He spell out the details of what He wants done?

Paul's Defense Before the Jews

How do you cope when people oppose you when you seek to serve God? What keeps you going? How can you keep going?

The Prophecy of Agabus

Feed the Flock of God

What is the main purpose of a pastor/preacher? What does God charge a pastor to do?

Feed the Flock of God

Paul Leaving For Ephesus

Paul Preaching Until Midnight

Paul Departing For Macedonia

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