Honest and Dishonest Questions

What is the point of a dishonest question? Pastor Chuck's answer may surprise you.

Jesus and the Sadducees

How does a story about Judah fit in with this account of Jesus and the Sadducees?

The Parable Against the Religious Leaders

What was Jesus getting at in telling the parable targeting the religious leaders of Jerusalem?

Blind Bartimaeus

What was the blind man thinking when he tossed his garment away? Why would Jesus ask for a donkey? In today's episode, Pastor Chuck addresses these and more.

Rich Men and the Kingdom of God

Are riches a sign of God's blessing on spirituality? What do the scriptures really have to say on this topic?

Divorce and Remarriage

What should be done when there is a "bad marriage"? Pastor Chuck shares deeply on this painful topic in today's episode.

Jesus on the Way to Jerusalem

What must Jesus have been thinking knowing what was ahead of him in Jerusalem? Pastor Chuck expounds on this in today's episode.

The Powerless Disciples

How interesting it is what Jesus says to the disciples when they bring issues to Him! Pastor Chuck gives an interesting explanation in today's episode.

The Transfiguration of Jesus

Moses stands for the Law and Elijah stands for the prophets, talking with Jesus on the mountain. So, what does that mean for us today?

Thou Art the Christ

A question was asked by Jesus to his disciples past and present. The same question is valid today. "Whom do you say that I am?" What is your answer?

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