Marks of Carnality

Pastor Chuck may well surprise you with his thoughts on what he includes as a mark of carnality. Listen to today's episode to learn what he has to say.

The Natural Man

How should a Christian pray concerning non-Christians?

The Foolish Things of the World

Why does God use whom He uses?

Water Baptism

What is meant by "Water Baptism"? Who should do it?

The Gifts of the Spirit

There is much debate on the topic of the Spiritual Gifts. What does Pastor Chuck have to say on the gifts of the Spirit?

Sanctified in Christ Jesus

What is Sanctification? How does one get sanctified?

Paul - Called an Apostle

The Ministry of Phoebe

Who were Priscilla and Aquila? Why would Paul single out Phoebe and this couple?

Another Man's Foundation

Have you ever wondered why there are so many different churches? Why so many ways of "Worship"?

Established in the Word

Which should be more of our guide in our Christian walk: our understanding of the Bible or our experiences?

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