The Seven Woes

What does it mean to practice what you preach?

Jesus Answers the Sadducees

How did Jesus see through the facade of questions to the real issues?

Properly Dressed for a Wedding

What does it mean when Scripture says, "Many are called, but few are chosen"?

The Healing of the Blind and the Lame

What should the church today be like? Who should be attending? What should they be doing?

The Mother of Zebedee's Children

How do you feel, how do you react, when you learn of someone seeking a position you want to be given? How does one become great in the Kingdom of God?

Laborers in the Vineyard

With so many misinterpretations of this parable, what is the proper interpretation?

The Transfiguration of Jesus

What was/is the attitude of Jesus towards children? What comes of those who try to work their way into God's favor and gain eternal life?


Why do we want to receive that which we do not want to give? We all want it, but how quick are we to grant it? What are some ramifications of this?

The Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven

How much do these arguments take place today? Pastor Chuck explains what arguments and what to do about them in today's episode.

The Unbelief of the Disciples

Some folks hold there is a relationship between a full moon and mental illness. What might that have to do with Matthew 17? Pastor Chuck explains how in today's episode.

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