The Baptism of Jesus

Why would Jesus get Baptized by John? Why do we believe there is a Trinity?

Jesus Begins His Public Ministry

Why was the baptism of Jesus necessary?

Born King of the Jews

Just how familiar are you with the Christmas story? You may be in for a surprise as you listen to Pastor Chuck in today's study.

Jehovah is Salvation

"His name implies his mission". What name and what mission? Pastor Chuck will answer those questions on this edition.

Tamar In The Genealogical Line Of Jesus

Why would God include women in the list of Jesus' lineage?

An Introduction to the New Testament

Why are there various translations of the Bible?

The Spiritual Law of God

In regards to giving, God has a specific law which has been proven over and over again. Pastor Chuck shares that law in today's episode.

The Wife of Your Covenant

Just how much does God know about you and what you have done? Why does it matter?

Promise for the Future Kingdom Age

How does this prophecy relate to us today?

The Word of the Lord Through Malachi

What can be learned from the statement made by God, "I have loved you"? In this episode, Pastor Chuck helps us realize there is much to be learned.

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