Spend And Be Spent 2

Our culture continues to shift. And not in a Godward direction. What might that mean for Christ followers?

Spend And Be Spent 1

God has invested in us. He gives us breath, strength, wisdom, calls us His masterpiece. He calls us his sons and daughters. What shall we do with this investment?


My perspective changed. Was I storing up the . . .

Grace Has A Face 2

Grace, a rare commodity today. Yet, it is available in abundance to anyone.

Grace Has A Face 1

Things change. Public discourse has become public conflict and verbal smack downs. Listen for words of kindness in any public square. Silence. Why has this happened?

Hope Has Hands

Hard times come to everyone. In the community of believers, we help each other through these times.

Live For The Word

Do you remember when Christians could count on our laws to protect our religious freedom?

Enemy Tactics

Scripture compares our spiritual life journey as a battle.

Out Of Step

Increasingly Christ followers are out of step with popular culture. Nothing new. But . . .


Listening to news today is neither uplifting nor inspiring. Avoiding it is unwise also.

Our "I Will"

When God says, “I will,” there is no uncertainty. He vows to keep His word, be just, have mercy, and save us for eternity. How do we respond to Him?

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