Pay Attention

One of the greatest mistakes folks make regarding money matters is simply not paying attention to where money is going.

Roth IRA

We are both fans of doing your giving while you’re living so you’re knowing where it’s going.

Expanded Household Relationships

It’s easy when a household includes multiple generations for relationships to fray.

Expanded Households

When family members even entire families move back with Mom and Dad or just Mom as is more common, why insist that everyone contribute?

Boomerang Children

Households are changing. How so?

Money Worries

Financial concerns top the list of what we worry about.

Car Loan Payments

Current data says more than a million US consumers have fallen at least two months behind on car loan repayments.

Home Equity Loans

It’s not unusual for vintage folks to need money from the equity in their home as they age in place.

Reverse Mortgage

Those reverse mortgage adds aimed at vintage folks look appealing. Spend the equity in your home and live in it enjoying that nest.

Reverse Mortgage VS HE Loans

A growing trend is for us vintage folks to age in place.

Larry Burkett

Biblical principles in working and earning, then spending and honoring God in all, have never changed.

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