Life Insurance

My perspective on money has been changed by the work I do in impoverished countries helping widows.

Tax Day Coming 2

Two things are guaranteed in this life: taxes and death. This was true in Jesus’ day. He said pay Caesar. Let’s talk about taxes.

Tax Day Coming 1

Tax Day is a few days away. Congratulations if you’ve filed already. If not, it can be simple. Let us help.

Investing Simplified

My favorite way to describe investment opportunities is by comparing possibilities to a grocery store.

Becoming Wise

When it comes to money, men and women are different! No surprise. Women . . .

Owning Responsibility

If you’re in a tough spot financially, start with how you got there. Bankruptcy, divorce, job loss, health issues, death, or addictions. Some of these might have been beyond your control.

The Light Of God’s Word

Our favorite book on money after the Bible is The Word on Finances by Larry Burkett. Why is this book timeless?

Investing Talents

The parable of the talents in Matthew 25 shows God gives to us with the intent that we . . .

Trustee For Your Will

Every person should have a will and maybe even a trust. It’s simply a way to direct whatever you’ve left on planet earth where you want it to go. One important part is . . .

Savings Account

Did you know that women now control most of the wealth in the United States?

Learning From Our Mistakes

A mark of being a human is the ability to learn from one’s mistakes. This is true of individuals, cities, states, and nations. But do we?

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