The Power of Choices – Part 1

Today on Bold Steps … Pastor Mark Jobe helps us discover how the choices we make help us find true happiness. We’re continuing our study on the pursuit of happiness, digging into Scripture to better understand what happiness really is, and where to find it. We’re going to see that many times, our choices have a major impact on whether or not we fin…read more

How to Attract Happiness – Part 2

We all want to be happy … so what does the Bible say about finding true happiness? Find out today on Bold Steps Pastor Mark Jobe. We have been learning the surprising key to unlocking true happiness. It isn’t more money, more fame, or more freedoms … in fact, it isn’t more of anything. Instead, happiness, according to the Bible, is found through something Jesus describes as being “poor in spirit.” It requires a humble understanding that everything we want is ultimately found in the goodness of God … not our own works.

How to Attract Happiness – Part 1

Today on Bold Steps … Pastor Mark Jobe helps us find the true source of the joy we all seek. Here’s a question … what does it take to be truly happy? More money? More fame?Well, Jesus had a very different take on happiness … one that we certainly won’t get from anything the world teaches. Jesus actually equates happiness with being poor in spirit! Today we start a new series on the topic of pursuing true happiness as defined by God.

Identity Matters – Part 2

Have you stepped into your true identity? That’s the topic of today’s powerful message,here on Bold Steps with Pastor Mark Jobe. One of the most hotly debated topics in today’s age is identity. The question of who we are and what defines us is a very important one, and as Christians, we need to make sure that we’re getting our answers from our Creator… not the culture. Mark continues a pivotal lesson about why Identity Matters… and how to find the truth about who we really are, in the eyes of the One who made us.

Identity Matters

"Who are you?" Today on Bold Steps, Dr. Mark Jobe addresses the critical topic of "Identity".

The Habit of Gratitude and Thanksgiving - Part 3

What is it that can transform you from the inside out? Learn the answer in today's edition of "Bold Steps" with Dr. Mark Jobe.

The Habit of Gratitude and Thanksgiving - Part 2

"There is something powerful about starting your day with . . . "

The Habit of Gratitude and Thanksgiving

Have you been waiting on God, waiting for something to change?

The Spirit of Generosity - Part 2

"What if giving was a part of your plan?"

A Spirit of Generosity

We are in the condition we are in because of seeds we have sown.

The Habit of Prayer - Part 3

This is prayer 3.0!

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