The Power of God's Love - Part 1

Today on Bold Steps with Mark Jobe, we'll discover "The Power of God's Love". There is nothing more transformative in a person's life than when they realize God loves them ... and they allow the power of God's Love to work through them. And as we continue our study of First John, we're going to be witnessing that love and power through the eyes o…read more

Anointed to Stand Firm – Part 2

Today on Bold Steps with Mark Jobe, we’ll discover how we can remain firm in Christ during seasons of testing. As Christians, we know that sometimes our faith is going to be under attack … and that’s a reality that seems more prevalent with each passing year. As we move forward in our study of the book of First John, we’re going to learn why we have been Anointed to Stand Firm … no matter what we’re going through.

Anointed to Stand Firm - Part 1

How can you stand firm in a culture that is increasingly going against the things of God? Listen to this episode of "Bold Steps with Dr. Mark Jobe" to get equipped to stand firm.

Guarding Your Heart - Part 2

Are you living for the things that really matter in life? Or have you been sidetracked? In this edition of "Bold Steps with Dr. Mark Jobe", learn how to guard your heart.

Guarding Your Heart - Part 1

How is "guarding your heart" part of living as children of the light? Join Dr. Mark Jobe in his study of 1 John to learn the answer in this edition of "Bold Steps".

The Real Test - Part 2

Today on "Bold Steps with Dr. Mark Jobe" we will see that our love for God isn't measured by how we feel but by . . .

The Real Test - Part 1

What is the difference between a relationship and fellowship?

Coming Clean - Part 2

A close walk with Christ requires a change in . . .

Coming Clean - Part 1

Dr. Mark Jobe shares tips in today's edition of "Bold Steps" on how to be right with God, such as . . .

The Real Thing - Part 2

There are many people who think they are on the way to heaven, but . . .

The Real Thing - Part 1

How can we discern what is true and what is not?

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