A step of Obedience

What are you to do when after waiting on God, He shows you what to do?

Created to Be . . .

Have you discovered your purpose, your calling?

Looking at the Future

Is your view of the future clouded with fears or colored with hope? How can you have hope? Listen to Dr. Mark Jobe in today's "Bold Step Minute".


"In the middle of a change, God is saying '. . . .'"

Do Not Be Afraid!

"If you are in the middle of change you cannot let a spirit of . . . "

Wait for the Lord!

What can you do while you wait on the Lord to answer your prayers?

Looking for the God Signs

What should you keep in mind while waiting for God to answer your prayers?

God! Please Answer!

Does God hear you? Does God care? Do you have a hard time waiting for God? Dr. Mark Jobe has some helpful words for you in today's episode of "Bold Steps Minute".

Dignity and Destiny

Why would Dr. Mark Jobe say abortion is not a good thing to do?

Without a Sin Nature

Why did Jesus have to be born of a virgin woman?

Who is Jesus?

While there is a lot of confused theology about Jesus, Dr. Mark Jobe helps clear things up in today's episode of "Bold Steps Minute".

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