1. Intro to Training

How do you help people who have disabilities? Why should people care about those who have disabilities? Copyright ©2020 The Guidelight

2. Disability and The Gospel

Is there anyone who is not broken and fallen? Copyright ©2020 The Guidelight

3. Approching Disability

What is the right mindset one needs to have when working with people who have disabilities? What is "People-first language"? Copyright ©2020 The Guidelight

4. Specfic Disabilities: Autism

What is "Autism Spectrum Disorder"? What is "Echolalia"? Learn the answers by watching this edition of "Guidelight". Copyright ©2020 The Guidelight

5. Specfic Disabilities: Down Syndrome

What is "Down Syndrome"? What is "Intellectual Disability"? What is "Cerebral Palsy"? Learn the answers in this edition of "Guidelight". Copyright ©2020 The Guidelight

6. Specfic Disabilities: Emotional and Behavioral Disorder (EBD)

What is Emotional and Behavioral Disorder (EBD)? In what areas do those with EBD have prolonged struggles? What is "RAD"? Watch this edition of "Guidelight" to learn the answers and more. Copyright ©2020 The Guidelight

7. Top 5 Strategies

The top five strategies for working with people who have disabilities are actually effective not only for people with disabilities, but also for . . . Copyright ©2020 The Guidelight

8. Jesus & Hospitality

Before we can begin to start implementing any tools or strategies, we need to make sure that . . . Copyright ©2020 The Guidelight

9. Routine

Why is predictability huge for those with disabilities? What are some proactive strategies one can use to help with transitions? Copyright ©2020 The Guidelight

10. Communication: Part 1

What is "Positive behavioral language"? What is and why utilize "Replacement Language"? What is "Positive Reinforcement"? Learn the answers to these questions and more in this episode of "Guidelight". Copyright ©2020 The Guidelight

11. Communication: Part 2

Since self-determination is important to people with disabilities, what are strategies and tools you can use to help them? Copyright ©2020 The Guidelight

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