Paid Fines

Key Thought: Jesus paid the price for sin.

Telling the Truth (Part 2)

Key Thought: Listen to truth from others.

Telling the Truth (Part 1)

Key Thought: Tell the truth in love.

Silly Excuses

Key Thought: Attend church regularly.

No Payment Needed

Key Thought: Salvation is a gift.

It Pays to Advertise

Key Thought: Advertise for Jesus.

The Pirate's Life

Key Thought: Jesus changes lives.


Key Thought: Don't get hooked on evil. This story may not be suitable for young children.

White as Snow

Key Thought: Jesus' blood covers our sins.

Goodbye for Now (Part 2)

Key Thought: Jesus understands and cares.

Goodbye for Now (Part 1)

Key Thought: Christians will meet again.

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