A Bird Named Witness

Key Thought: Be God's witness.

Somebody's Blood

Key Thought: Jesus shed His blood to save you.

Holding the Leash

Key Thought: God is in control.

Different Gifts

Key Thought: Be yourself.

Market Day for Maya

Key Thought: Make a choice to trust God.

The Home Run That Wasn't

Key Thought: Pray for God's will in your life.

Holy Spirit Feet

Key Thought: God's Spirit gives new life.

A Wren in the Sparrows

Key Thought: Stand up for what's right.

Dad's Umbrella

Key Thought: Jesus is our refuge.

Fallen Towers

Key Thought: Be ready for Jesus. Editor's note: This story deals with terrorism and may not be suitable for some children.

The Greatest Miracle

Key Thought: Salvation is a miracle.

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