Remember The Important Things

If you made a list of the things that are important to you, what would it look like? Would God’s list for you be the same? Today’s message will give us all some food for thought.

The Will Of The Lord Is To Be Done

All of us need an unwavering commitment to carrying out God’s will regardless of the circumstances and regardless of the cost. That was Paul’s attitude, and it should be ours as well.

Pass It On

In recent times everyone is concerned about passing along Covid 19. Today we are looking at something that all believers should be passing on to others.

The Responsibilities Of A Father

Happy Father’s Day! This is the day we set aside to honor the men who stand as leaders in our communities and our families. Some have fathered children. Some have mentored. Some have guided. Some have coached. Some have counseled- but all are appreciated.

Worship Is A Powerful Force For Change

Today we consider the power of worship. It’s transformative, and it is powerful.

God Is With Us To help When We Are On His Mission

It has been said that “Where God Guides, He Provides.” That’s what we’ll learn in today’s teaching. If it’s God’s mission, it’s God’s passion, and His provision will be seen.

Be Like The Bereans

Today we consider the Bereans in Acts 17. The closer we look at them, the more there is to both admire and emulate.

God Has Power To Turn Things Around

All of us can relate to being in circumstances that only God could change. When something needs to be done, thankfully we have a God who has the power to do it.

Godly Mothers Should Be Honored

All of us here at GOGF send out our warmest Happy Mother’s Day wishes. Whether you’re a mom through natural birth, or adoption, or if you’re a mentor or care giver or role model, you play a pivotal role in helping to impact lives for the Kingdom. May today’s message encourage you to keep on keepin’ on.

Walking In Authority

In today’s teaching we tackle the subject of “Walking In Authority.” There’s a lot to learn from this passage in Acts chapter 16.

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