Living Lives Of Significance

This might surprise you, but the life that Jesus lived after He rose from the grave is vastly different for the life He lived before. And as with Him, so it is with us: we have been called to live lives of significance. That’s the message for today. From all of us here at GOGF Ministries, Happy Resurrection Sunday!

The Arrival Of The King

Jesus’ arrival on Palm Sunday required much preparation. Today’s message takes us front and center as Jesus makes His way into Jerusalem. From all of us here at GOGF Ministries, Blessed Palm Sunday as we celebrate the arrival of our King!

Who Will be Your King?

Today we start chapter 8 in 1Samuel. The people of God have a choice. They’ve decided whom they want to follow. They’ve decided to whom they will give their allegiance. The same choice confronts you today. Choose wisely.

How To Get Back To God

Sometimes we lose our way. Sometimes we stray for the path that leads to God. An old story tells of a man asking for directions to a location. His is told, “You can’t get there from here!” It might seem impossible for some to get to God from where they are- but it is not!

Where Are You Going To Put God?

Before the temple was built, the Ark Of The Covenant represented the presence of God. But it was stolen and taken away. In today’s passage we’ll see that those who did not honor and respect His presence and His place suffered dire consequences.

Has God Lost His Glory?

Looking at the problems in our world today, some might conclude that God has lost control. How could all these things happen if an all-knowing, all-loving God were still on the throne? Today’s message tackles this age-old question.

Even The People Of God Experience The Blows Of Life

The question, “Why do the righteous suffer?” is as old as time. There is only one place that we can find an answer, and that is in the Bible. You don’t need to study the Scriptures long to learn why sinners meet reverses and anguish. They are apart from God. But why do Christians suffer? Yes, I’m a child of God- called, blessed, and all the good things that the Bible says about me. But it also says that I am not exempt from all the blows life brings with it. Today’s message may not be a popular one, but it’s in the Book.

The Jonah Story Revisited

Think you know the story of Jonah? Think again. It’s about more than a man and a big fish. The story of Jonah is a story of prejudice and fear and exclusion. In today’s message Dr. Drew Hart sheds new light on an old story.

How To Know When God Speaks

The Scripture is clear: God desires to speak. He wants to speak to those who don’t know Him. He wants to speak to His children. The question is, “How do we know when it’s Him speaking?” Today’s message has some great insight.

You’re Never Too Young To Start

When it comes to the things of God, and our sensitivity to His voice, you can never start too soon. In today’s teaching that lesson is front and center in the story of Eli, Hanna, and Samuel.

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