What Spiritual Warfare Looks Like

You may not hear gunfire or bombs going off, but make no mistake: we’re in a battle. And because our warfare is spiritual, so are our weapons. Join Dr. Tony Hart as he continues his trek through the book of 2 Corinthians.

God Loves A Cheerful Giver

In today’s message with Dr. Tony Hart, we’re reminded that God loves a cheerful giver. Our experience in giving should be hilarious, not hurtful.

Jesus Is The Example Of A Perfect Giver

There are a plethora of people and organizations that are excellent examples of giving in action, but there is only one perfect example. In today’s message with Dr. Tony Hart we find out just Who that example is.

God’s Grace Produces Generosity

In today’s teaching Dr. Tony Hart will be speaking about generosity, and how it is produced in our lives. We’re in II Corinthians chapter 8.

Finding The Road To Reconciliation

In today’s message with Dr. Tony Hart we’re following the Road map To Reconciliation. It’s a place we all need to find, and the directions are found in II Corinthians chapter 7.

Be Willing To Walk Alone

Sometimes in life we have to be willing to go it alone. That’s what the Apostle Paul was saying to the believers at Corinth, and what he’s saying to us today.

The Marks Of An Ambassador Part 2

As heaven’s ambassadors, believers must be willing to suffer. But the good news is that as His representatives here on earth, He gives us the power to endure. Join us as Dr. Tony Hart continues his teaching in the book of II Corinthians.

We Died To Sin

Today from our archives message with Dr. B. Sam Hart we’re reminded that sin need no longer have dominion over our lives. We’re dead to sin and alive in Christ.

The Marks Of An Ambassador

What makes a good Christian ambassador? What marks a good Christian ambassador? Find out in today’s teaching with Dr. Tony Hart as we continue our journey through the

We Are Called To Be Ambassadors

A Christian ambassador represents the God of heaven, and is charged with promoting God’s agenda on the earth. That’s a pretty important job. Join us as Dr. Tony Hart continues his teaching in the book of II Corinthians.

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