Walking the Way of the Cross

How is it possible to study the scriptures and miss the most important part?

Jesus Foretold His Death and Resurrection

How did the disciples handle it when Jesus told them of His upcoming death and resurrection?

Personal Faith in Christ Brings Salvation

How does someone become a Christian?

It is Important to Bring Others to Jesus

Who can best help your friend? Who can best help your family? How can they get to heaven?

Jesus is Our Provider

Is Jesus more than a savior?

Jesus the Compassionate Son of God

How well do you know Jesus? Do you know the compassionate side of Him?

Jesus the Miracle Worker

Do you ever feel like you really need a miracle? Alex tells who can help with that in today’s edition of “In His Steps”.

Faith of Phonecian Woman

How can you make a great impression on the creator of the world?

Man's Sinful Heart

Does Mankind really need a savior? Why would they?

Teaching of the Pharisees

They didn’t need anyone to tell them about anything, did they?

Giving Sounds Good

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