AYBEK-Father And Brother

What could a son not tell his family? Andy's Footsteps Blog

DARIUSH GHOBAD-The Lord Paved The Way

Dariush Ghobad and his family sold everything and boarded a plane for Cambodia--a place they had never been before! Andy's Footsteps Blog

DARIUSH GHOBAD-Four Pieces Of Luggage

Darriush Ghobad tells the story of answering God's call to missions. Andy's Footsteps Blog

JOHN-The Last Days

Why does this career missionary believe that we are living in the last days? Andy's Footsteps Blog

PEGGY BANKS-Hope and Healing

Peggy Banks describes the worldwide scope of TWR's Women of Hope. Andy's Footsteps Blog

TIM ARCHER-Only Jesus Saves

Tim Archer tells the story of a Christian man in Cuba. Andy's Footsteps Blog

TIM ARCHER-Investing In Cuba

Tim Archer of "Herald of Truth" says Cuba "is the most exciting work we have going." Andy's Footsteps Blog

TIM ARCHER-Only Three Teenage Boys

How did God use "Herald Of Truth" and three teenage boys in Mozambique? Andy's Footsteps Blog


Am I too old to serve on the mission field? Andy's Footsteps Blog


Why was a woman in Central Asia taken to the police station for interrogation? Andy's Footsteps Blog

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