PAVEL SHIFMAN-Revival On Pause

Is the door still open for Christian evangelism in Russia? Andy's Footsteps Blog

SHAWN BOYD-You And Your Household

TWR's Shawn Boyd shares a dramatic listener story from North Africa. Andy's Footsteps Blog

SHAWN BOYD-Bypassing The Master Switch

Why doesn't TWR solely use the internet for spreading the Gospel? Andy's Footsteps Blog

SHAWN BOYD-Overcoming Barriers

What barriers get in the way of spreading the Gospel? Andy's Footsteps Blog

GREGG HARRIS-Leading The Leaders

Thru The Bible is being used to train and equip leaders around the world. Andy's Footsteps Blog

HARRY BETTIG-Fiftieth Anniversary

TWR and Thru The Bible are celebrating a significant anniversary! Andy's Footsteps Blog

VICTOR KAONGA-A Divine Appointment

TWR's Victor Kaonga just happened to be headed in the right direction. Andy's Footsteps Blog


"Bold Steps" which features the teaching of Dr. Mark Jobe is impacting listeners in Africa. Andy's Footsteps Blog

MARK CAIN-They Have The Right

A look back at Mark Cain's lifelong work among the Guahibo people of Colombia. Andy's Footsteps Blog


Peter the Octopus is helping children in Venezuela. Andy's Footsteps Blog

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