What’s Your Comfort Level

As human beings, we find comfort in a variety of things in life. Comfort can be physical, like relaxing at the end of a hard day’s work. It can also be emotional, a state of contentment and well-being.

Rightly Dividing the Word

Thanks so much for joining us here on Hope for Today, it is good to be with you and we are excited that today’s lesson is from a New Testament book. It has been a while since we spent time in the New Testament. We just completed about a year of study in Exodus and before that, we went through Genesis. Now we are switching it up a bit and going through the New Testament book of Second Corinthians.

Preparing For Worship

I don’t know what comes into your mind when you hear that title, but I was reminded of the passage I heard this morning as I was listening to Acts chapter 17. There, Paul preaches to the people of Athens. Keep in mind these people who were religious with many gods they even had an altar to the “unknown god.” They worshiped many gods, but Paul was there to point them to the true God

Being In The Presence Of God

In the heart of everyone is the desire for fellowship with God. Somehow from the innermost part of our beings, we cry out for the presence of God. We are like one of the ancient philosophers who cried out and said, “Oh, that someone would come, man or god, and show us God!” Yes, we long for fellowship with God.

Details Are Important

It is good to be with you again, thanks for being there, and thanks for listening to Hope for Today. Our title today is “Details are Important” and it is taken from Exodus 34. As I was thinking about this title and looking at Exodus 34, I thought about a question I have heard many times over the years.  

Moses As God’s Man

Today our title is “Moses as God's Man,” and our passage is the next section of Exodus 34. Before we get into today’s lesson think about that title. “Moses as God’s Man” there was a big job to do, and God used Moses to accomplish it. What about today, is God still using people for specific jobs? Does God need us to accomplish certain tasks?  

The Obedient Heart

We have been in Exodus just over a year and now we are coming to the end of Exodus. Personally, the interactions between God and Moses are some of my favorite passages in Exodus and today’s lesson is another incredible dialogue between God and Moses. 

The Cry of The Soul

We are nearing the end of Exodus and now we are looking at a time when Moses was with God on Mt Sinai. This story is amazing and there is much we can learn from Moses’ interaction with God. Our lesson title is “The Cry of the Soul.” This is pointing to the God-shaped hole in each of us. Since God created us, all people have a desire to connect with Him. This desire is seen in every age, every gender, and in every culture. It is the cry of every soul and today we are going to think about this together.  

Walking With God

Today in Exodus 33 we will take a closer look at Moses conversation with God. Our title is “Walking with God.” Last week it was “Meeting with God.” I like the progression of the titles. First, we have to meet God, then we walk with Him. Our relationship with God is just that, a relationship, think of someone you have a relationship with. You didn’t meet them once and never hear from them again. If that happens, we don’t say we know them, we say we met them. Meeting God is just the start of a wonderful relationship after that we must walk with Him.

Meeting With God

Thank you so much for joining us this week on Hope for Today. Today our lesson is from Exodus 33 and the title is “Meeting with God.” Put yourself in the Israelites shows, how do you think it felt for them to meet this God? There are not many people who have seen and heard what the Israelites did at Mt Sinai now they could actually meet with this awesome God.

God And His Sinful People

Today’s lesson is “God and His Sinful People” and we thank you so much for joining us. As much as we don’t like it there is something familiar to us in the children of Israel. We can see a bit of our own stubbornness and foolishness. Sinful though we be, God still allows us to be His people. This is incredible, don’t ever take it for granted.

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