A Question for You

Have you ever accused God of being late?

Difficult Times?

What should you know even in your darkest times?

On a Walk

How did Dr. Joy Greene feel like the certain little tree she saw while on a walk?

Nothing's Going Right!

What is really happening when "nothing's going right"?

A Wave of Fear?

Are you undergoing a wave of fear over what is going on?

Missed It Much?

A sunset, a voice and other things get missed because . . .

Do What?

Do you know the "Golden Rule"? How well?

Discernment - What Is It?

Do you know how to define discernment?

Be Still

What did Elijah learn when he went up the mountain?

God is Never Ending!

Have you ever thought about the fact that the things of this world eventually run out?

Are You in a Hard Season?

Having a hard day is bad enough, but what about having a hard season? What can be done?

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