A Stressful Season

Are you in a stressful season of life?

A Gentle Spirit

Do you have a gentle and quiet heart?

Needing Encouragement?

Do you find yourself needing some encouragement today? Dr. Joy Greene quickly provides some encouraging words for you in this episode of "Joytime".


Have you seen angels? How does God use angels in your life? Dr. Joy Greene touches on this in today's edition of "Joytime".

Your Heart is Special!

Did you know and believe that your heart is special? How so? Listen to Dr. Joy Greene share how in this edition of "Joytime".


Does God have anything to say to you when you are weary?

Struggling with Fear?

What does God say when you are afraid and fearful?

Living By Faith

Are we supposed to live by what we understand?

Experience His Peace

Did you know God wants you to live a joy filled life? Did you know God wants to bless you?

Is Showing Love Hard for You?

What can you do when you do feel like showing love to others, even those difficult people?

"I Can't Take it Anymore!"

Have you ever said that you can't take it anymore? What should you do in those times?

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