God's Mercy!

What comes to your mind when you hear the word "Mercy"?

All the Evil in the World

Do you feel discouraged about all the evil in the world? What should you focus on in those times?

It Is True!

Does how we live matter?

Feeling Alone?

If you are feeling alone today, Dr. Joy Greene wants to remind you of something very important.

God Can See What I Can't See

When life seems to be falling apart, how easy is it to trust God?

Forgive and Love

How can we forgive and be loving when all around us seems so bad, hurtful and unloving?

A Dark Place

When it seems darkness is winning, what can we remember?

God Sees the Heart

When you are weary, what should you remember?

No Reason to Worry!

While concerns may be many, why would Dr. Joy say there is no reason to worry what tomorrow may bring?

God's Love for You

Are you feeling discouraged? Dr. Joy Greene prescribes this help for you in today's edition of "Joytime Ministries".

Spinning Out of Control

If you feel like live is spinning out of control, where can you look for the help you really need?

Giving Sounds Good

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