Losing Your Cool?

How much do your words matter?

A Mountain Top Experience?

What should you do when you realize you are drifting away from God?

Feeling Discouraged?

How did Moses encourage Joshua when soon the leadership would transition over from Moses to Joshua? How can that help you today?

Satan Stays Busy: So

So what should you do when Satan is busy trying to discourage you and defeat you? Dr. Joy Greene shares helpful insight into how you should cope with it.

Its No Contest!

Do you feel discouraged with stuff piled up waiting for you to do? Dr. Joy Greene has a prescription for you to help you get through it in today's edition of "Joytime".

Jesus is Like an Anchor

How is Jesus like an anchor? Let Dr. Joy Greene share the answer with you in this episode of "Joytime".


Are you in conflict right now? What are you responsible for? What can you do about it? Dr. Joy Greene provides some help for you in this edition of "Joytime".

A Song of Salvation

What's on your mind when you wake up in the morning? Dr Joy Greene has a suggestion for you to consider and add to your morning routine.

Be Brave!

Why would the Bible often say we are to be brave?

Guarding Our Mind

Satan wants to fill our minds with bad news and fear. How can you have victory over that? Dr. Joy Greene shares how in today's edition of "Joytime".

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