Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for drawing me nearer to this community. I’m grateful for all the prayers for my family n broken relationship. Thank God my dad has recovered from his illness, and he is back at work. I will continue to pray for my dad to be manageable for his age, and the work condition will not cause his illness to resurface.

My relationship has been confusing. I’m not sure what’s ahead of me. My ex has texted me, however, I don’t want to give myself false hope that I have a chance to patching the broken relationship. I m having this fear of hurting and getting hurt again. I pray God will show me your will, protect my heart and teach me to love and that I’m worthy.

I pray for my ex and his family will be safe, protected and healthy. Praying for his loved ones also.

Thank you Lord for all the blessings and protection in my life.

In Jesus name,
Prayed for 22 times
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