I have been unwell for about 17 years. The amount of good days are less than they used to be. Somedays are better than others. Some days I can do a little in the kitchen or straighten things up and do a few chores, but a lot of days are not as good. Because I am so weak, most days are spent sitting and praying about stories in the news, or for people I know or have heard of. God gives me the understanding this is spiritual warfare against me. I have prayed for this and my health. I have had other people pray for me about this as well. I sometimes wonder if I should take a break from praying to improve my health but I can't. There is such great need in the world, for the world to know Jesus and for people to receive His help and comfort in their circumstances. Please pray for me whatever way God would lead you to pray. I pray God blesses each of you back in the ways He wants to bless you most for taking the time to pray for me, your sister in Christ Jesus. I pray you will come boldly before His throne of grace to seek those things you have need of and that both you and your family will know the peace of God that passes all understanding. Be blessed in Jesus' mighty and everlasting name.
Prayed for 15 times
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