Dear Heavenly Father,

I sincerely pray for my brother to come back home safely. Recently he got into his gambling addiction issue again. The last time, he stolen money, gold from home, in the process hurt my father’s hand. I pray for him to stop gambling. In addition, he had been cheating girls feeling for money. I pray you will guide him through life that we shouldn’t hurt people around us, we shouldn’t worship money, we shouldn’t be brainwashed by money.

I hadn’t been able to hold this family together. My father is sick and my mum has left this family for another man. I pray for the lest a sensible brother. I pray in your almighty name that he will not be influenced by anything that’s making him go down the wrong path. My brother reads bibles, he is not a bad man. I pray you will speak to him and help him to do right.

I pray in the almighty name of Jesus,
Prayed for 16 times
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