Please for my education. I failed in my 2nd Year Semester examination (BA. LLB (Hons.)) . But now I'm willing to start once again and do even more hard work on my studies. But my family is struggling with financial issues and the current Law Course' tution fee is very high so they're suggesting me to pursue other discipline. But GOD humbled through the failure and it was in my failure, I could start admiring HIS very CHARACTER in the field of law, so I'm praying and really willing to study Law with acknowledging GOD's CHARACTER and whatever opportunities HE'll give me in this field, I want to REFLECT HIS CHARACTER through my life and service in this field. Please PRAY that GOD's will for my life be fulfilled, that HE may help me in making decisions in accordance to HIS will and that HE will be GRACIOUS to me in making all the necessary provisions for my education.
Prayed for 65 times
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