Hello brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ our Lord.
,am from Uganda that is eastern part of Africa.
My prayer request is that may God bless me and family.
When I was 15 years ,I started playing drums at my primary school cause we couldn't afford electric drums( jazz),I became good at .all people never wanted anyone to play the drums especially when praising God.they wanted me to play.I can't say it was power but I believe that was God's favour on me.
When I joined junior high school ( senior one) I remember it was a Sunday morning ,I was seated with my friend in class where we used to gather as a school for prayers. This had a club called scripture union,
Students of scripture union come first and pray for the place and after we start praise then worship then prayer ,and the rest of the service.
When these intercessors finished praying ,they started singing prasing songs but the scripture union instrumenist was not yet in the church ,I had God's voice telling me to go and play the drums because I knew how to play them very well and I see no one is there yet. God gave me carriage ,but remember am i was in senior one year and non of my classmate where in scripture union ,so .I play the drums for whole service and people where blessed. From that day ,I started ministering through instruments. After one year ,we bought a keyboard and I was the new instrumentist cause the old cabinet had left ..from that time up to has been pushing me to minister to God,
I know with talent of mine,I can save youth soul. I can reach them instruments like keyboard and guitar cause those are the one know ..

My request; please pray for me so that I can get my own instruments and a place to gather them .may God bless the work of my hand..
Thanks so much ..may God bless you abundantly.
Prayed for 93 times
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