Saint Patrick

St. Patrick was a remarkable man who chose to live among what society considered barbaric people, the Celts. The Celts were known for their violent tendencies, bold behavior, and engagement in ritualistic human sacrifices. In his earlier years, Patrick had been enslaved by the Celts. But eventually, he managed to escape captivity, and during his newfound freedom, he felt a profound calling to return to his captors and introduce them to Christianity. He was already well-known among the Celts, so they were fully aware of the risks he faced by coming back to them. The driving force behind Patrick's mission was his desire to introduce this community to a God who could inspire a man to willingly face imminent danger. This powerful revelation led the Celts to turn away from their false gods. Much like in 1st Kings, God again proved to be far more than the little gods humans have made for themselves.

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