Turn Signal

I was running late to work the other morning. And- It always feels like the more I’m in a rush, the more things go wrong. I almost forgot my phone, I spilled my coffee on the way out the door, and realized halfway down my street that I left my work keys on the table. Not off to a great start. Once I settled into the horrific Atlanta traffic I was stuck behind a car going way too slow in the fast lane who left their turn signal on for the last mile. How could they be so clueless? I just need this airhead to get out of my way and… I then noticed I had left my turn signal on too. That was a nice practice in humility. The next time you feel a bad mood like this coming on- don’t let it spill onto others. Recognize it and ask God to calm and quiet your spirit. Nothing that went wrong on this morning was the end of the world. Keep it in perspective- and yeah- don’t forget to cancel your turn signal.

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