In the book of Ruth in the Bible, Ruth was a literal outsider. But Naomi felt like an outsider. Although she was a part of God’s family by birth, she felt like she had been abandoned by Him. Do you ever feel like the odd one in a group? Even within your faith? Maybe you’ve sat in a Bible study before and thought “I don’t belong here”. When we compare our lives to others, including within the church, we may feel like an outsider. Maybe it’s your current circumstances. And while everyone else is feeling “hashtag blessed”, your world feels like it’s falling apart. The comparison trap is real. And if we compare ourselves with the version people want you to see of themselves, we will often fall short. In the Bible, Naomi seems cynical, which makes her happy ending even sweeter. When you’re feeling like an outsider, remember that perseverance can lead to a renewed faith. Maybe you need to make some changes like Naomi did. But no matter what, God will remain faithful.

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