Chapter 7: Joshua has a Plan

Joshua and the Spies’ Secret Mission
" 'Can you give us something to eat and lodging for the night?' the spies asked. 'Yes. Come in,' says Rahab. 'I have a place for you in my guest room on the roof. Follow me.' 'And something to eat?' the hungry young men ask as they follow Rahab up the stairs to the to the rooftop. 'Oh, you shall have a meal at once.' As Rahab went down the outside stairs to her kitchen in the courtyard, she said to herself, 'These must be the Israelites, and some official in Jericho at the city gate today will have known that. The king will think they are spies. If soldiers come here tonight, I'll be ready for them.' Hear the exciting stoy of how Rahab risked her own life to save the life of the spies.

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