In Part One of the Parable of The Tenant Farmers, Gideon Levytam recounts the charges that Jesus had against the religious leaders of His day, who, instead of being faithful and leading Israel to accept Him as their promised Messiah, rejected Him, and His offer of Salvation. Thereby, rejecting the Son of God who had come to this earth, to die for sin, in order to provide redemption for Israel and the whole world. Watch the Series: - Introduction: - The Salt: - The Light: - The Mote and the Beam: - The Pearls Before Swine: - Ask, Seek, Knock: - The Narrow and Wide Gates: - The Tree and Its Fruit: - The Wise and Foolish Builders: - The New Cloth on Old Garment: - The Divided Kingdom (Part One): - The Divided Kingdom (Part Two): - The Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven (Part One): - The Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven (Part Two): - The Mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven (Part Three): - The Sower (Part One): - The Sower (Part Two): - The Weeds Among the Wheat (Part One): - The Weeds Among the Wheat (Part Two): - The Mustard Seed: - The Leaven: - The Hidden Treasure: - The Pearl of Great Price: - The Net: - The Homeowner: - The Heart of Man: - The Lost Sheep (Matthew): - The Unforgiving Servant: - The Laborers in the Vineyard (Part One): - The Laborers in the Vineyard (Part Two): - The Two Sons: - The Parable of the Tenant Farmers (Part One): The Holy Scriptures and Israel was founded for the purpose of sharing God’s word with the Jewish people. You can learn more about our ministry at

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