In the final address from Pastor Steve Gaines' series on the book of James, he teaches on how we can go about reclaiming a backslider. When a fellow believer loses sight of God's kingdom, we must do what we can to bring them back into the fold while also being realistic about the sin which has resurfaced. Listen to this important message to find out more. For more sermons and worship music each week, be sure to subscribe to our channel so you can stay in the know. Feel free to share on social media and don't forget to comment below to tell us from where you are watching today! Sermon Outline Main Passage: James 5:19-20 1. The backslider's problem is rebellion A. He rebels against the truth of the Son of God B. He rebels against the truth of the Word of God C. He rebels against the truth of the Gospel of God 2. The church's responsibility is rescue A. We must pray for backsliders B. We must lovingly confront backsliders C. We must treat backsliders with gentleness D. We must lovingly speak the truth to backsliders E. We must not condone the sins of the backsliders F. We must not give up on backsliders 3. The ultimate goal is restoration When God restores us... A. He removes our sin as far as east from west B. He casts our sin behind His back C. He no longer remembers our sin D. He casts our sin into the depth of the sea

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