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From Search for Truth … Gideon, David, Esther, Daniel, Isaiah and Zerubbabel.…

"Then God Said" 5a-2

From Salt and Light …How did the universe possibly get there? How is it that the stars can still be used f…

4 Guidelines for a Regret-Free Life

From Guidelines …Here's what you can do to finish well and life a life with no regrets!…

4 things God says when you're discouraged

From Guidelines …There are 4 things God says He will do when you call on Him.…

4 Ways to Live Your Life Without Regret

From Guidelines …Here are 4 guidelines that can make a tremendous difference in living a life without r…

5 ways to age well

From Guidelines …Here is how to handle the challenges of life as you age.…

A Cold Case for the Crucifixion of Jesus

From Truth in the Test Tube …What facts about the death and the alleged return to life of Jesus, can a homicide det…

A Life of Peace Part 1

From Turning Point Radio …While the world holds out hope for the unlikely prospect of international peace, God i…
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A Firsthand Conversation with

Audio Prayer Calendar

Christ to the World Ministries

Christian Crusaders

COVID-19 From Turmoil to Hope

Discipleship Essentials

Discipleship Hour


Encouraging Words

Every Man a Warrior Minute

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Berni Dymet


Steve Kramer


Russel Abrahams

Dr. John N. Akers


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A Legacy of Light

By Wisdom for the Heart

A song of loves

By Rendezvous

A Tribute to Mothers and Grandmothers

By Grace Notes


By The Word for Today


By Michael Easley inContext

An Indescribable Gift

By Wisdom for the Heart

Astronaut Duke

By Truth in the Test Tube

Christ Before Bethlehem

By Running to Win

Christian Doctrine

By Discipleship Essentials


By Salt and Light
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