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Fundamental Christian Attitudes - Faith

From Grace to You …Maybe you can relate to this scenario . . . you get up in the morning determined to obey…

How Does God Lead Me - Step by Step (4 of 4)

From Mount Hermon …In this message, Bill shares about his divorce and how he saw God work in that process. …

How to Find Hope When Times are Tough and Money is Tight

From Guidelines …When times are tough and money is tight, we tend to blame each other and, on occasion, b…

How to Go on After a Loss

From Encouraging Words …Do you feel like you cannot go on with life?…

Jeff Slaughter

From Making Your Life Count …Encouragement. Who needs it?…


From Rendezvous ……

No Approval For Iniquity

From The Word for Today …When Jesus was there on the cross, taking your place, ...…

One Question for God

From Guidelines …"Why, God?" is the most popular question to ask in times of trouble.…

The God Of The Impossible

From Landmark Church …Why would God send revival? To bring the greatest glory for HIs Son Jesus Christ for the…
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Encouraging Words

Grace to You


ICM's Mini Bible College

Landmark Church

Making Your Life Count

Mount Hermon


The Word for Today


Steve Douglass

John MacArthur


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God Who Sees Me




How Does God Lead Me


Old Testament Survey


The Pillars of Christian Character


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