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"Lord, Teach us How to Pray"

From The Wisdom Journey - Audio …Only when we understand and acknowledge God's character and priorities can we properly …

2 Samuel 10a-2 - Defending God's Honor

From Salt and Light …"There are two kinds of people: basement people or balcony people." Which are you? Pa…

2 Very Important Words

From Encouraging Words …You can learn two simple, but important words that leads to obedience.…


From Bread of Life …They had religion but they rejected Jesus. Who? Why is that a big problem for them?…

25,000 Mornings

From New Beginnings …Lets imagine for a moment. What if someone wanted to mess up your life? How could tha…

3 Things to Do to Say the Right Thing

From Guidelines for Living …Learn to cultivate the habit of saying the right thing at the right time.…

4 Guidelines to Help You Say What You Mean

From Guidelines for Living …Do you want to say "No," but you end up saying "Yes" or vice versa?…

4 Guidelines to Solve a Problem

From Guidelines for Living …You may have possibilities to consider in difficult situations, but there is still one …

4 Reasons We are Hesitant to Commit to Marriage

From Guidelines for Living …Why are so many today hesitant to commit to a long-term relationship?…
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1 Minute of Hope

A Firsthand Conversation with

A TWR Christmas Collection: 2023

A Voice for Persecuted Christians

A Word with You

Amazing Grace Broadcasts

Bible Stories Alive

Bold Steps

Bread of Life

Cary Alliance Church

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Berni Dymet


Steve Kramer


Russel Abrahams

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2 Samuel

By Salt and Light

20/20 Spiritual Vision

By Grace to You

A Greater Love

By Reviving Hope

A Jesus Community

By Reviving Hope

A Plea for Discernment

By Grace to You

A Season of Promise

By Christian Crusaders


By Message Series From Dr. David Platt

Adult Children of Divorce

By Champions Arise

An Indescribable Gift

By Wisdom for the Heart

Angels: Who They Are and How They Help

By Turning Point Radio
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