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A Bad Man Made Good

From Running to Win Can a bad man be made good? First, we need to define who is "bad." According to the Bible

A Bad Man Made Good Part 2

From Running to Win We are all sinners, yet we can be made good. Our desires can change, but they can only be

A Bad Man Made Good Part 3

From Running to Win If you think your sins are too big or too many, think about the Apostle Paul. He persecut

A Bad Man Made Good Part 4

From Running to Win Some philosophers see both good and evil in human nature. For them, the side that wins is

A Biblical Model for Giving, Part 1

From Grace to You Today on GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur, John explains the connection betwee

A Call for Discernment, Part 5

From Grace to You They say practice makes perfect. Well, maybe perfect’s stretching it a bit . . . but i

A Good Minister of Christ

From The Word for Today Which has longer termed benefits: bodily exercise or Godliness?

A Mouthful to Digest

From Truth in the Test Tube Is that bite you just took, nutritious or poisonous? Your body decides and processes i

An Open Rebuke of Sin

From The Word for Today What would happen in the church today if there was an open rebuke of sin?
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