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"Then God Said" 4a-2

From Salt and Light …"Then God said" ranks up there with the greatest words ever uttered or written. How so…

3 Characteristics of a Life Used by God

From Guidelines …Here's what God looks for in a leader.…

3 Guidelines for Running the Race of Life

From Guidelines …Looking back always gets you into trouble as it's the upward look that counts!…

A Background on Melchizedek

From The Word for Today …t up in the book of Hebrews? Pastor Chuck Smith sheds light on him on today's edition …

A Conquering, Courageous Faith, Part 1

From Grace to You …When it comes to being a hero of the faith . . . perhaps you think your opportunity has…

A Conquering, Courageous Faith, Part 2

From Grace to You …What do you do when victory and triumph seem impossible . . . when you feel like you ha…

A Conquering, Courageous Faith, Part 3

From Grace to You …We’ve all had them . . . those days when nothing seems to go your way. So, how do th…

A Declaration of Faith

From The Word for Today …How is "faith" defined? How is it described? How is it declared? What is really the …

A Great Cloud of Witnesses

From The Word for Today …lly mean as used in Hebrews 12? Pastor Chuck Smith shares this and more in today's edi…

A Holiday for Atheists

From Guidelines …Are you finding yourself in between belief and unbelief?…
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Champions Arise

Christian Crusaders

COVID-19 From Turmoil to Hope

Craig Church Ministries

Daily Audio Bible

Discipleship Essentials

Encouraging Words

Every Man a Warrior Minute

Expectant Faith

Faith By Hearing

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Berni Dymet


Gideon Levytam


Steve Kramer


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2 Peter

By The Word for Today

A Course for Life

By Grace to You

A Faith that Pleases God

By Grace to You

Becoming Whole

By Reaching Your World

Believing God - Expecting Miracles

By From His Heart with Dr. Jeff Schreve

Christian Character Development

By Discipleship Essentials

Christmas - a time to remember all year

By Grace Notes


By Salt and Light

DAB November

By Daily Audio Bible

DAB October

By Daily Audio Bible
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