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An Introduction to the Song of Songs

From The Word for Today …Is it just an erotic oriental love song? Is there incredible inspiration to be found in this b…

Christ's Free Spirit

From Expectant Faith …The only truly free person who has lived on this earth has been the Lord Jesus Christ. Why? He…

Christ's Pursuit Of His Beloved

From Expectant Faith …For those who have a thirst for God, and truly want to know Him better, there is usually a focu…

Expressions of Love

From The Word for Today …What does this book have to do with Christ's view of the church? Pastor Chuck Smith answers th…
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A Firsthand Conversation with

Encouraging Words

Expectant Faith


Guidelines for Living

Living Word for Africa

Love Worth Finding


The Word for Today

Thru The Bible


Berni Dymet


Craig Harbin


Asafa Makan'a


Denny Milgate


Dr. Adrian Rogers


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A Future for your Family

By Love Worth Finding

Expectant Faith

By Expectant Faith

Song Of Solomon

By Thru The Bible

Song Of Solomon

By The Word for Today

Song of Songs

By The Word for Today

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