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An Introduction to the Song of Songs

From The Word for Today …Is it just an erotic oriental love song? Is there incredible inspiration to be found in this b…

Expressions of Love

From The Word for Today …What does this book have to do with Christ's view of the church? Pastor Chuck Smith answers th…

Is There a Wall Up in Your Marriage?

From Guidelines …Little things, when neglected, become bigger issues that can destroy a marriage.…

Louis and Colleen Evans - My Lover, My Friend

From A Firsthand Conversation with …How do two people work out who does what in their marriage? How do they learn what each other …

Love Renewed

From The Word for Today …What marks of ownership are there in you that show whose you are?…

New Opportunities

From The Word for Today …What kind of light should the church be? What's the difference between the moon's light and th…

Sweet Love

From The Word for Today …Husband and Wife? God and Israel? Jesus Christ and the church? Who is this book really about…

Sweet Love - 2

From The Word for Today …It is very important to look at the fruit of a person's life. Why does Pastor Chuck say so?…
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A Firsthand Conversation with

Encouraging Words




The Word for Today


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Denny Milgate


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Song Of Solomon

By The Word for Today

Song of Songs

By The Word for Today

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