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3 ways to determine right from wrong

From Guidelines …How do you decide what's right and what's wrong?…

A Blasphemous Letter

From The Word for Today …A blasphemous letter was written by an evil king, resulting in 185,000 soldiers being…

Daily Audio Bible - December 17

From Daily Audio Bible …The Bible read fresh every day. Join Brian Hardin around the global campfire with fri…

God Destroys the Assyrians

From The Word for Today …Have you heard what happened to 185,000 soldiers in just one night?…

Nahum 1:1

From Thru The Bible …roductory lesson on Nahum. Judgment is prophesied about ancient Nineveh. This is the …

Nahum 1:1-3

From Thru The Bible …er, but the prophet Nahum shows us that His patience has a limit. God is a God not o…

Nahum 1:11-15

From Thru The Bible …A prophecy against old Nineveh; God encourages Judah that their attackers from Nineve…

Nahum 1:3-10

From Thru The Bible …A prophecy against old Nineveh, who had plenty of time to repent, but time ran out. G…

Nahum 2:1-4

From Thru The Bible …A prophecy against old Nineveh, saying their many chariots and engines of war will no…
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DAB December

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