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A Living Lesson on Forgiveness

From Grace to You …Sadly there are times when those closest to you . . . a friend or family member . . . wi…

A Living Lesson on Forgiveness, Part 1

From Grace to You …Just when you think you know a person . . . a friend or family member . . . he does s…

A Living Lesson on Forgiveness, Part 2

From Grace to You …It’s one thing to understand the chemistry behind the latest wonder drug . . . and ano…

An Introduction to Philemon

From The Word for Today …How do you handle it when someone steals from you? What should you do? What do you do …

Daily Audio Bible - October 29

From Daily Audio Bible …The Bible read fresh every day. Join Brian Hardin around the global campfire with friend…

Paul Beseeching Philemon

From The Word for Today …When a wrong has taken place, how can a third party truly help to properly resolve the s…

Philemon 1:1-25

From Thru The Bible … Paul to his friend Philemon, asking him to peaceably take back his runaway slave Onesim…

Serving the Lord Willingly

From The Word for Today …Disappointments happen to all of us. We don't know why God would allow them to happen. …

The Actions of One Who Forgives, Part 1

From Grace to You …It’s an essential ingredient for a particular kind of health . . . though it’s not a…
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