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Ezekiel's Lamentation

From The Word for Today Ezekiel could see that made him lament? How was he able to share what God had shown hi…

Prophecy of Ezekiel

From The Word for Today … homeland? How did Ezekiel handle it? Pastor Chuck Smith gives an introduction to Eze…

The Commission of Ezekiel

From The Word for Today Ezekiel really have to physically eat a scroll? What does Pastor Chuck have to say on …

A New Spirit

From The Word for Today …hat is spoken of in Ezekiel 11? Has it happened already? Pastor Chuck Smith shares th…

All Things Weird and Wonderful

From ICM's Mini Bible College Ezekiel was called to minister to God’s people in a very difficult time and place. He …

Difficult Passages

From The Word for Today …chapters 40 - 48 of Ezekiel so difficult for Pastor Chuck Smith to understand? He expl…
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Christian Crusaders

Encouraging Words



Grace Notes

Grace to You


ICM's Mini Bible College

John Phillips Ministries International


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Barb Sandbek


Doug Schroeder


Paul Schroeder


Chuck Smith


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The Return and Reign of Jesus Christ

By Grace to You

The Love of God

By Grace to You

The prophecy of Zechariah

By Rendezvous

Think Right Thoughts

By Grace Notes

Volume 5

By John Phillips Ministries International
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