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Job's Answer to Zophar

From The Word for Today Job is far from kind in his remarks to his comforters who seem convinced he is a wi…

Job's Final Response to His Friends

From The Word for Today …ere false? How did Job handle them? Pastor Chuck Smith continues the study of thi…

Job: His Trial, His Triumph

From John Phillips Ministries International Job’s response to the criticisms of men; his complaints to God and self-justifica…

Mrs. Job--Lessons from Secondhand Suffering

From Wisdom for the Heart Job lost his family, his estate, his friends, his health, and his reputation in a m…

The Faith of Job

From The Word for Today …ous verses found in Job is included in today's study. Pastor Chuck Smith shares ex…

The Gospel According to Job

From Wisdom for the Heart … earth, a man named Job was already preaching the Gospel. There had been no incarna…

The Lord Answers Job

From The Word for Today … question? How did Job handle it? Today's edition of "The Word for Today" has Pas…

The Lord Questioning Job

From The Word for Today … Why would God ask Job questions about the universe? Learn why in today's episode…

A Monument of Praise in the Valley of Despair

From Wisdom for the Heart …hirty-nine seconds, Job lost his money, his possessions, his livestock, and even hi…
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Grace Notes

Grace to You


Hope for Today

ICM's Mini Bible College

John Phillips Ministries International

Message Series From Dr. David Platt

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Dr. J. Otis Yoder


Greg Yoder


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Wisdom in Action

By Grace to You
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