Born in Monterrey, Mexico August 25, 1938. Became a Chistian 29 December 1959 in Mexico City. Completed 2 years of Medical School in Mexico. Graduated with a Bachelor of Divinities from Temple Baptist Theological Seminary in Chattanooga, TN. Completed two years towards a Masters at the Biblical Seminary in New York. Received two honorary doctorates: * Doctor of Theology from John Calvin’s Presbyterian Seminary in Mexico City, 1989 * Doctor of Divinities from Anchor Seminary in Texarkana Arkansas, 1995. Ordained as a Baptist Minister July 13, 1965. He was Pastor of First Hispanic Evangelical Church in Newark, New Jersey. Pastor at the Baptist Church” El Divino Salvador” Monterrey, Mexico. Pastor of the “Emmanuel” Baptist Church in McAllen, TX. Vice-president of the National Convention of Mexico Associate Evangelist of the Luis Palau Evangelistic Team for 6 years. Founder of the two organizations described in “Ministry Description” above. Has celebrated more than 1,100 crusades. More than 100,000 have made profession of faith in Christ in these crusades. Official interpreter for Billy Graham’s crusades: * 1981 Mexico City and the City of Villahermosa, Mexico * 1991 from Buenos Aires, Argentina for all Latin America * 1995 Global Mission, for all the World, from San Juan Puerto Rico Present Ministry: Evangelist of the Association of Hispanic Baptist Evangelists of Texas. He Preaches in crusades, jail, parks, markets, personal evangelism and counseling Producer Evangelism through radio heard in 10 countries. President of the Prayer Committee of CONEMEX in Mexico. Authored: 2 Books, 2 handbooks, several evangelistic tracts. Family: Widower since August 15, 2016. Betty and Guillermo had two married daughters.


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