A-1 - Encouraged by What You Read?

As you listen to today's Footsteps where TWR's Alan Travers tells the story of Joe Steiner, I'd like for you to try to answer a few questions: Was it by accident that Joe was born into a Christian family?  After learning and speaking 5 different languges, was it a tragedy that Joe's home country of Hungary would not accept him in the diplomatic corps?  Was Joe merely lucky to safely escape Hungary while under gunfire?  Why did Joe choose to move to New York City?  Did Joe really make a mistake when he went inside Madison Square Garden looking for the circus but instead stumbled upon a Billy Graham crusade?  You see, I don't believe in luck or coincidence.  I believe what the Bible says in Psalm 37:23 (KJV):

"The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way." 

I also like what Charles Haddon Spurgeon has to say about this verse in his Treasury of David:

"All his course of life is graciously ordained, and in lovingkindness all is fixed, settled, and maintained.  No reckless fate, no fickle chance rules us; our every step is the subject of divine decree."(1) 

May we all praise God together for his wisdom, love, grace, mercy, and sovereignty!

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1.  Charles H. Spurgeon, The Treasury of David, Volume II (New York: Funk and Wagnalls, 1882), 194, accessed January 13, 2017, https://books.google.com/books.



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Andy Napier is the host and producer of TWR’s 2-minute daily feature called “Footsteps.” Previously, Andy served for 24 years with WMBW (Moody Radio Chattanooga, Tennessee) in several capacities including Program Director and Host of the Morning Program. Andy and his wife, Kathy, along with their two boys, Sam (13) and John Edward (10), made the move to North Carolina in October of 2013 to serve as missionaries with TWR.

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